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Athletics and Recreation Services - Shared screen with speaker view
Remy Van Dijk
When applying to be an athlete. It states sports played and positions. Do we need to select all sports we have played and the positions or do we only select the sport/position we are looking forward to play while in college?
LC - Todd Caughlin
Hello Remy. it will be sport specific.
Remy Van Dijk
Thank you
LC - Todd Caughlin
there are possibilities to participate in more than one sport but it is difficult with several of the seasons over lapping
hi!! are there some elegibility requirements or can anyone join the team??
Greg Gibos
You must be enrolled as a full time student at Lethbridge College. This would be 9 credits - or typically 3 classes.You would also have to reach out a specific coach regarding having a space on the team.Coaches e-mails can be found here: https://www.gokodiaks.ca/information/directory/index
LC - Todd Caughlin
there are but the most important step is contacting the head coach of the sport you want to tryout for and then go from there.